Hakkai Aquascape Design Gallery Featured In Local San Diego Point Loma Newspaper - Peninsula Beacon

Woohoo, our aquascape gallery had the honor of being featured in the local SD News Group paper of Point Loma - Peninsula Beacon.

Special thanks to Dave for taking the time out in visiting us and getting us in an article.  We're proud of our team's work here at Hakkai and in Liberty Station, giving the aquascaping hobby exposure alongside other arts & crafts here in the Arts District.  

Original article can be seen here: http://www.sdnews.com/view/full_story/27800433/article-Create-aquatic-art-and-underwater-gardening-with-Hakkai-Aquascape?instance=sdnews_n_page


Create aquatic art and underwater gardening with Hakkai-Aquascape

Visit Hakkai-Aquascape Design Gallery in Liberty Station for an underwater adventure.

Colorful tanks showcasing the latest designs in underwater landscaping, replete with plants, tiny fish, and crustaceans greet guests at Hakkai in the Liberty Station Arts District at 2690 Historic Decatur Road, Suite 104.

“We are a local fish store (Pet Zone Tropical Fish) expanding to something more aquascape-focused with nano fish and very pretty aquarium tanks,” said Priscilla Chan of Hakkai-Aquascape. “This is more like underwater gardening. It actually can be aquatic art if you balance them (tanks) well. It’s like creating your own mini-world and bonding with nature that way.”

Added Chan, “The focus right now is to promote the hobby to a bigger crowd. We really wanted to expand that.”

Chan gives a quick tour of display tanks featuring different underwater aquascape design styles. “This one is our biotope-style tank made to mimic the natural Amazon riverbed with hardscape and driftwood,” she said, pointing to one of several lighted tanks resembling miniature kelp beds. She added those tanks are for sale and exhibit, noting patrons can also buy kits used to re-create aquascape designs. “You can use a QR code (phone-readable bar code) to link to a blog and website to see the creation of the aquascape style from the beginning,” Chan said.

Another Hakkai tank features a Dutch-style enhanced with bubbling carbon dioxide feeding aquatic plants. Chan described another jungle-style tank noting its composition has “a lot of things going on, a lot of tall leaves, a lot of plants, but limited open space.”

Can you mix and match tank styles and be creative?

“Of course,” replied Chan. “It’s your tank, your rule, your world. There’s no hard rule It’s just more of a reference.”

Hakkai carries all the accessories needed to create and maintain aquascape-design tanks. They also carry mini tanks for downsizing into smaller office space or living room areas

Chan said Hakkai hosts monthly workshops on a step-by-step, how- to-build-your-own aquascape tank on the Liberty Station lawn.

Hakkai and its sister companies developed by co-creator and CEO Roger Ma, strive to be a global resource for the aquascape community.

On the website, Ma noted Hakkai “started out as a team of passionate planted-tank junkies that saw the need for a collective resource community for aquascapers. We strive to bring in aquatic plants and aquascaping supplies from partners worldwide who share the same nature aquarium approach as we do.”

Aquascaping can be done in enclosures other than aquariums, such as terrariums. Hakkai will consult with people on how to get started. “An hour ago a couple came in and they wanted to set up something for their birthday,” Chan said. “They asked, ‘Can we scape it at this spot.’ And I said, ‘That’s what our shop is here for. So they handpicked a few things, and I showed them how to do it (tank landscaping).”

Of aquascaping Chan concluded: “It’s a good marriage between fishkeeping and underwater gardening.”



Where: 2690 Historic Decatur Road, Suite 104.

Contact: hakkai.com, 833-425-5248

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