June 2022 Aquascape Class/Workshop Schedule At Hakkai Liberty Station.

Wabi-Kusas are minimalistic and are an easy to maintain method to get into the aquascaping hobby for those with a lack of space and time as they are much less expensive than having a proper tank with all the added aquarium equipment required in a normal aquascape. 

The plants and Wabi-Kusa container itself are easy to care for and don't require high maintenance.  Not only can they be breathtaking pieces of natural art on your desk but can also be utilized as a desk lamp when put together with a proper aesthetically appealing light system. 
We enjoy designing our little "green worlds" in the green and lush surroundings of beautiful Liberty Station.

Jungle Aquascapes are minimalistic and an easy to maintain planted tank style that won't discourage you from getting into the aquascape hobby.  The plants are easy to care for and don't require high light or fertilizer and without the need for excess trimming, hence the "jungle" appearance as they grow very robust!

Our fellow aquascapers learning how to aquascape together as a group!
If you're hesitant to commit to an aquascape, try making a terrarium with us! Our terrariums are nano sized and simple to care for, perfect for those with a busy lifestyle and lack of space.

Can't make our classes during the scheduled weekends?  We can send you your own DIY Aquascape Kit, we ship to all 50 states! 

If you're local, visit us during the week during business hours and do a "Stop & Scape" aquascape build right at our gallery!

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