Jungle Aquascape Class Was Super Fun This Past Sunday At Hakkai Liberty Station!

Our Jungle Style Aquascape workshop the other weekend was super fun. It brings a smile to see such an enthusiastic crowd and inspires us to see newcomers joining the hobby. Aquascaping is more than just a planted tank, it’s an art form and also a lifestyle!
Let's give it up for the Aquascaping Ladies!  Aquascaping tends to be a male-dominated hobby but we love to see both genders get into this art and the ladies deserve some credit as well.  
For those looking to join our upcoming classes, we have a Terrarium style class on May 30th Sunday, Classic Nature on June 12th Saturday and Jungle Style again on June 13th Sunday. Sign up at Hakkai.com!
We look forward to seeing you soon!
Take note we’re moving to Barracks 14, just a couple buildings across the lot from our current gallery in the Arts District of Liberty Station. See you soon!

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