Nano Tall Tank Aquascape Demo At Hakkai Saturday April 30th

Join Hakkai for a free step by step demo on some simple fundamentals of aquascaping a nano sized tall aquarium for those with limited space.

Ease of management is something new aspiring aquascapers thrive for, especially those with a lack of space for a larger tank. Building an aquascape is the easy part. But maintaining and managing it is another.

A tall nano sized aquascape is simple to care for, especially for those with a busy lifestyle. They make an impressive tabletop addition or filling up that empty corner of your room or office with something that impresses guests.

Date: April 30th 2022 - Saturday 12:00pm

We will hold conduct the setup demo right in front of our gallery here in Liberty Station.

See you guys soon, fellow Planted Tank junkies!

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