Offering Our First Wabi-Kusa Aquascape Class At Hakkai - Liberty Station - San Diego

We're running our very first wabi-kusa class this summer and are excited to have you join us as the weather warms up and we can enjoy the nice cool weather by the coast here at Hakkai in Liberty Station, Point Loma.  

Wabi-Kusas are minimalistic and are an easy to maintain method to get into the aquascaping hobby for those with a lack of space and time as they are much less expensive than having a proper tank with all the added aquarium equipment required in a normal aquascape.  The plants and Wabi-Kusa container itself are easy to care for and don't require high maintenance.  Not only can they be breathtaking pieces of natural art on your desk but can also be utilized as a desk lamp when put together with a proper aesthetically appealing light system. 

*Note, plants and/or container can vary based on what is currently on hand due to seasonal changes in hobby and/or aquatic industry.

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