Paludarium Terrarium Style Aquascape Demo This Weekend After Christmas!

Join Hakkai for a free step by step demo on some simple fundamentals of aquascaping. We’ll show you how to get the tank ready, which substrate to use and how to get the plants into the tank, providing you with all the proper steps on getting your aquascape set up. 
This time around, we will demonstrate how to get an easy to manage aquascape without the need for a lot of space!
Space and ease of management is something new aspiring aquascapers thrive for.  Our desktop sized aquascapes are fun and super easy to maintain!
Building an aquascape is the easy part.  But maintaining and managing it is another.  Our Paludarium/Terrarium Aquascapes are nano sized and simple to care for, especially for those with a busy lifestyle and lack of space.
Terrarium Style Aquascapes consists of submersed & emersed plants combined together in a eye-catching design in conjunction with hardscape such as driftwood.  This makes an impressive tabletop addition or filling up that empty corner of your room or office with something that impresses guests.  


  • December 26th 2021 - Saturday 12:30pm
We will hold the demo at our either our aquascape gallery building's outdoor courtyard or at the grassy area of the promenade of Liberty Station.  
See you guys soon, fellow Planted Tank junkies!
Free Paludarium/Terrarium Aquascape Demo at Hakkai SD

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