Happy Earth Day 2021 From Hakkai Aquascape Design Gallery

Happy Earth Day 2021 from all of us here at the Hakkai team!

As Aquascapers, we are guardians of Mother Nature as zen and serenity is created when we have the flora and fauna in balance with one another in our planted tank creations.  Earth as we know it is taking a beating as society has advanced throughout the decades.  We all need to take our part in finding ways to reduce our carbon footprint and reliance on fossil fuels.  

Our team has taken up the challenge of reducing the usage of plastic bags and we're adamant about reusing items multiple times so we can reduce adding to the waste on Earth.  We encourage you to do the same so this Earth can continue to be green for our future generation of Aquascapers!  

As Takashi Amano once said, "To Know Mother Nature, Is To Love Her Smallest Creations."  

Let's do our part in keeping Earth clean and finding sustainable daily practices.  

Post your comments below on what you're doing to in your daily life in contributing to keeping Earth green, we will randomly select a few winners for free plant trimming giveaways.

Happy Earth Day 2021!

- Hakkai Aquascape Design Gallery


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