Hiep Hong's Aquascape Talk & Demo At Hakkai Last Month

We had the honor of having Hiep Hong as our guest aquascaper & speaker last month here at Hakkai.  It's always been our pleasure to have him as our guest.  Hiep has ranked high in ADA's IAPLC aquascape contest during these recent years and have definitely helped aspiring American aquascapers to participate in competitions.  

Here are some pics from Hiep's Iwagumi tank build.  Tank utilized is the ADA Cube Garden 30C with El Jefe Stone, ADA Ver. 2 soil and UNS Monte Carlo & S. Repens.

Hiep's Iwagumi tank will be on display here at our aquascape gallery for those who would like to see the progress of the build or if you missed it in-person, you can see the final product at Hakkai.

Hiep Hiep hooray!

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