Wabi Kusa Substrate Ball

Wabi Kusa Substrate Ball

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Wabi Kusa Substrate Ball from Studio Aquatica

The [SA] Substrate Ball comes ready to plant with a specialized blend of core ingredients to facilitate healthy and consistent aquatic plant growth, in both submerged and emergent conditions.

Naturally anti-fungal, the [SA] Substrate Ball has superior water retention and wicks water upwards to plants growing above the surface.

The [SA] Substrate Ball can be used in a variety of ways in the planted aquarium, and can be completely submerged to allow for unique aquascaping opportunities.

The [SA] Substrate Ball is an ideal planting media for creating traditional “wabi kusa style” displays.

Key Features:

  • Specialized core nutrient blend for plant growth.

  • Naturally anti-fungal and mold-resistant.

  • Contributes to the cultivation of beneficial bacteria.

  • Superior water retention.

  • Will not disintegrate or cloud water.

  • Great for planting “wabi kusa” style displays.

Package Includes:

  • 1 [SA] Substrate Ball (3” diameter)

  • 8’ of thread

  • 1 thread anchor (to secure thread to substrate ball)

  • 2 substrate ball hangers



Steps On Initial Set-Up of Wabi-Kusa Substate Ball


[ STEP 1 ]


Rinse your [SA] Substrate Ball and allow to soak in water for 15-20 minutes. The substrate ball will fully saturate with water and the core will soften to facilitate easier planting.


[ STEP 2 ]

Press the thread anchor, with thread attached, completely into the substrate ball. This will provide a secure attachment point for the thread and makes wrapping the ball easier.


[ STEP 3 ]

Wrap aquatic moss around the substrate ball and secure with thread.

This is a great way to incorporate carpeting and epiphytic plants onto your substrate ball as well.


[ STEP 4 ]

Using planting forceps, or another pointed tool, bore holes into the substrate ball to plant stem species.


[ STEP 5 ]

The [SA] Substrate Ball can be hung from the edge of a rimless aquarium with the included stainless steel hanger. Simply press the pointed end of the hanger completely into the Substrate Ball.

The hanger also works well for attaching the ball to hardscape, like driftwood, for example.

The [SA] Substrate Ball can also be placed in a dish or vase, to create a traditional ‘wabi kusa’ style display.



Substrate Ball preparation is now complete.

If your Substrate Ball has plants residing above the water surface, it is recommended that you mist their leaves daily as they transition to growth above the surface.

If you live in an especially dry climate, it may be beneficial to cover the top of the Substrate Ball in plastic wrap to retain humidity during this transition.