Last Aquascape Classes For 2021 At Hakkai SD - Perfect Holiday Gift!

The Holidays Are Here.  We Have Our Last Aquascape Classes For 2021:
Join us right before the holidays hit, these classes make the perfect holiday gift for your loved ones.  More than one person can share one class slot/tank.
Join us for a hands-on Classic Nature Aquarium Aquascaping workshop.  Each guest will build along with the instructor. Get your hands wet and learn directly with us as we show you all the proper steps on how to aquascape a new planted tank. The tank and all the aquascape materials + plants are yours to keep after the workshop!

  • Dec. 11th 2021 - Saturday 12:30pm

Jungle Aquascapes are minimalistic and an easy to maintain planted tank style that won't discourage you from getting into the aquascape hobby.  The plants are easy to care for and don't require high light or fertilizer and without the need for excess trimming, hence the "jungle" appearance as they grow very robust!

  • Dec. 12th 2021 - Sunday 12:30pm
If you're hesitant to commit to an aquascape, try making a terrarium with us! Our terrariums are nano sized and simple to care for, perfect for those with a busy lifestyle and lack of space.

Starts at 12:30pm
Date: Dec. 18th, 2021
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Can't make our classes during the scheduled weekends?  We can send you your own DIY Aquascape Kit, we ship to all 50 states! 

If you're local, visit us during the week during business hours and do a "Stop & Scape" aquascape build right at our gallery!

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