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"Without love for small life, we cannot communicate with Mother Nature."

An Aquascaper's Art Essentials

aquascape stones & rocks at

Stones & Rocks

Stones & rocks make up one of the many choices out there for hardscape utilized in an aquascape.  Often called the 'skeleton' of an aquascape, they add to the overall aesthetics that aquatic plants alone won't achieve. 

Aquascaping driftwood at


Drfitwoods and twigs will often give your aquascape a mature look, especially when you have a part of the wood sticking out of the water surface.

Aquascaping Tools At

Planted Aquarium Tools

Like any other artist, tools are needed to create their masterpieces.  When it comes to the art of aquascaping, the right tools are needed to get the aquatic plants placed into hard to reach corners or to polish up a corner of substrate.