Our Story

Hakkai is San Diego's very first aquatic art gallery dedicated to the craft of aquascaping.

Our team of aquascapers had a yearn that many other places around the world had; a full-fledged gallery/studio devoted to aquascapes.  After visiting galleries during our travels around Asia and Europe, the team was inspired and envisioned opening up the very first aquascaping art studio and gallery here in San Diego.

Our love and passion for recreating a piece of Nature as a form of art in an aquarium setting continued to grow.  Our dream is to inspire other aspiring aquascapers through the showcasing of our creativity and imagination in our aquascape gallery.  

Art often falls into our daily conversations and act as an extension of who we are and though challenging, the craft of aquascaping an aquarium is rewarding.

Hakkai Aquascape Gallery - San Diego's First Aquascaping Art Gallery