Drop By & Build An Aquascape On The Spot

Drop By & Build An Aquascape'

If you cannot make one of our scheduled workshops, we offer a "Drop By And Build An On The Spot Aquascape" option that is flexible for you during our business operating hours.

Simply drop on in, take a look at some of our many aquascapes set up here at Hakkai and be inspired and choose between a variety of rimless tanks, substrate, hardscape and aquatic plants.  There are no extra studio fees charged, you only pay for what you use.  

Prices average anywhere from $29.99 up to $100+, depending on the tank size, substrate amount used, hardscape selected and/or plants chosen.  

We have socially distanced space for you to work on your aquascape build inside or outside with plenty of access to hand-washing and sanitizer for health and safety.  

This can be a fun date or even a cool DIY nature aquarium gift for your loved ones.  

Inquire with us at Hakkai and we can give you some pointers and help you build the aquascape you've been itching to set up.