Pond Tank Aquascape - VIRTUAL First Fridays ARTS DISTRICT Liberty Station - Nov. 6th, 2020

We're excited to announce our very first VIRTUAL First Fridays livestream with our community of artists here at ARTS DISTRICT Liberty Station on November 6th 2020, Friday.  

Join us for a fun and interactive aquascape build + talk.
Pond Tank Aquascapes are gaining popularity as many of these plants can be grown in a mix of emergent and submersed.  Once the tank is fairly grown in and stable, there is minimal maintenance along with the lack of a need for a filter.  This makes it ideal for those who lack the time to dedicate themselves to a much more demanding aquascape tank.  
We will be live-streaming this for everyone's health and safety.
We will start around 4:00pm or so Pacific Time on Friday, November 6th. Tune in to watch live at www.facebook.com/hakkaisd or via Instagram (@HakkaiSD).
We're excited and look forward to virtually "seeing" you as we stream our aquascape build and talk.

WIth social distancing in place and Covid19 mandates, we are live-streaming this event from our Hakkai Aquascape Gallery.  

Pond Tank Aquascape Demo at Hakkai Aquascape Gallery - San Diego

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