Hiep Hong Will Be Our First Guest Aquascaper/Speaker At Hakkai Liberty Station

Hakkai & Pet Zone Tropical Fish is proud to announce our guest aquascaper, Hiep Hong, will be our keynote speaker this month. Mark your calendars for Sunday, June 27th, 2021. Tentative schedule to start is 2pm.
Hiep Hong is a highly talented in the aquascaping hobby and if you've followed ADA's IAPLC contest, then you will see Hiep has ranked high during these recent years, being one of the very first Americans to get into the Top 10 ranks. Hiep's passion for aquascaping shows and he travels to all the major aquarist events and shows with his team, TAC (The Aquascapers Collective), with a goal to continue expanding the hobby.
Hiep will be co-hosting an aquascape lecture and demo with us here at Hakkai in Liberty Station. Be sure to bring a notepad and a pen as you'll leave with plenty of knowledge on how to care of your planted tank!
See all of you fellow planted tank junkies soon! 

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