Anubias On Rock 'Recipe' Step-By-Step Guide

'Recipe' for Anubias On Rock
Time: 15mins
Yield 1 living art
🪵Anubias -1 cup tissue culture
🪵Lava rock -1 small piece
🪵Clear container -
🪵White sand -sprinkle
🪵Some creative juice
🪨Cotton moss Thread
🌿Take the Anubias from the tissue culture
🌿Rinse off gel under a running tap water
🌿Trim off old leaves and excess long roots from plant
🌿Sit the Anubias on top of the lava rock
🌿Tie it with Cotton moss Thread and end it with a surgeon knot
🌿Assemble white sand and Anubias on rock into the clear container

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