Dutch Aquascape Workshop

Dutch Aquascape Workshop

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Dutch Aquascapes are mainly focused on the arrangement and growth of plants with practically no hardscape as they are seen as "aquatic gardens." One can compare a Dutch Aquascape to a floral arrangement as it is aesthetically appealing and gives us lasting impression with its high density of plants (mostly stems though not entirely) with a vibrant contrast with colors and texture.

Looking for a fun and interactive hands-on 'Dutch Style' aquascaping workshop?
Each guest gets to build along with the instructor (includes rimless tank, substrate & plants). Get your hands wet and learn directly with us as we show you all the proper steps on how to aquascape a new planted tank. The tank and all the aquascape materials + plants are yours to keep after the workshop!
Tank size will be around 3.5 gallon to 5 gallon or so and size can vary (cube, bowfront/curved front or longer rectangular style depending on what is in stock/on hand during that week).
  • Apr. 13th 2024 - Saturday 12:30pm

*PLEASE include in the notes the number of guests you intend to bring. enter '1' if just yourself is attending

We will hold workshops at our building's outdoor area at the sister store, Pet Zone Tropical Fish in Convoy District.  
See you guys soon, fellow Planted Tank junkies!